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Veterans Day Celebration


Located on Highway 9, in a rapidly populating rural area of Spartanburg County, The Barber Shop of Boiling Springs has established itself as a neighborhood hub. Things happen in The Barber Shop. Just last week one of the regular customers remarked that he would like to provide a BBQ for the Veterans. Shop owner, Renee Patton, responded with her typical enthusiasm, “Let’s do it!” Chef John, the customer who suggested the BBQ, volunteered to provide and cook the meat. Another customer said he could bring ice. One guy volunteered baked beans and several offered funds to finance the affair. The local Bojangles agreed to provide the tea and the event was off and running.


Posters were made and displayed, emails were sent to known Veterans, social media notices were posted and customers were advised of the celebration. US flags were displayed on the fences along the road to mark the location.


With the help of friends, customers and, of course, the barbers, tables were set up in the shop and almost forty Veterans, plus a dozen or so hosts and friends, were served a free lunch at The Barber Shop on Veterans’ Day. Plates of baked beans, coleslaw and BBQ sandwiches were topped off with tea and cupcakes.


This is just one example of the community involvement events that take place at this shop. There is always coffee, popcorn and good conversation available for the many customers and friends who stop by for a haircut or just to say ‘Hi’. It may not be Floyd’s in Mayberry, but it sure typifies the same neighborhood spirit.

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The barber pole has a wonderful and interesting story to tell, and its presence keeps this story alive. It is the oldest distinguished mark of any profession or craft, dating back before the birth of Christ, history tells us that barber service was rendered to the public 6000 years before. The art of hair and beard trimming (barbering), medicine (herbs), dentistry (tooth pulling) and surgery (blood letting) were all performed by the same operators in the early history they were called BARBER-SURGEONS.

Due to the services that they rendered and especially to the royalty, the barber-surgeons were the most respected and protected men living. They held this respect for thousands of years. During their practice of surgery, which consisted only of blood letting or bleeding the disease, a white cloth was used. They would rinse this out leaving blood stains, hang it in the doorway of their business to dry; thus the origin of our present day barber pole.

As the years passed by the hundreds, this original badge has been changed to the present, attractive glass, red and white emblem which represents professional grooming service. The doctors, the dentists, and the surgeons have all branched from our original profession long since; however, the barber pole still remains the property of the artistic barbering profession.

To get the full story and see numerous barber poles, you really should visit the Barber Museum in Canal Winchester, Ohio, the worlds largest (3500 square feet) and most unique connection of barber supplies, chairs, and artifacts dating back to the 1700s. The museum is open for tours.

Call 614-837-8400 for tour arrangements.
You can also visit their site here..


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The Barbering Hall of Fame began in March, 1965 and was formally dedicated August 9, 1968 at its original site – 245 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio. It is now located at the Barber Museum, 2 South High Street, Canal Winchester, Ohio.

The purpose of the Barbering Hall of Fame is to honor those who have distinguished themselves by an outstanding contribution in the furtherance of the barbering profession. The general history of barbering is recorded in many forms but the identity of people who have been making outstanding contributions to barbering is soon lost – this should NOT happen.

It is our firm belief that a great number of persons have contributed to the advancement of the barber profession and should be recognized. In this way we pay tribute to those persons who have endeavored to enhance the image of, and working conditions for the barber.

Objectives & Mission


To promote the exchange of information between state barber boards and state agencies examining licensing and regulating the barber industry.

To develop standards and procedures for examining barbers.

To develop standards for licensing and policing the barber industry.

To develop curriculum for educating barbers.

To promote continuous education in the barber industry.

To develop and promote procedures for insuring that the consumer is informed and protected.

Mission Statement:

The National Association of Barber Boards of America represents over 300,000 barbers and the icon of the independent business person.

The tonsorial arts have been a tradition in the United States of America since its inception;

The time honored tradition of the neighborhood barbershop continues to grow and prosper.

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