About Us

About the National Association of Barber Boards of America (NABBA)

NABBA was formed in 1926 for the purpose of maintaining professional standards and policies in the barbering industry. Membership in the NABBA is open to state barber boards and other entities responsible for licensure or other regulatory functions of the barbering profession.

The mission of the National Association of Barber Boards of America is to support state licensing boards in their authority to protect the public as it applies to the practice of barbering by upholding health and safety standards and by maintaining the policies and protocols of the barbering industry.

The objectives of the NABBA are:

  1. To promote the exchange of information between State Barber Boards and agencies examining, licensing and regulating the barber industry;
  2. To develop standards and procedures for examining barbers;
  3. To develop standards for licensing and policing the barber industry;
  4. To develop a curriculum for educating barbers;
  5. To promote continuing education in the barber industry; and
  6. To develop and promote procedures ensuring that the consumer is informed and protected. 

Annual Conference

The NABBA hosts a 5-day annual conference during the third week of September. State barber board administrators and delegates from member states attend for the purpose of engaging in discussion and information sharing that includes legislative and regulatory updates, education, and best practices.  Each state is responsible for selecting a delegate to present a state report that includes, but is not limited to,  the number of barber licenses, schools, and shops in the state.

Mid-Year Conference Meeting

The mid-year conference meeting is a 3-day event held during the month of February that is open to all NABBA-affiliated state administrators, delegates and invited individuals.  The purpose of this meeting is to identify and plan all content, tasks, and committees necessary to implement the annual conference agenda in September; and, to provide attendees the opportunity to present information or proposals related to state or national issues, NABBA Constitution & Bylaws edits, or any other item requiring a vote by the delegation  at the annual conference.