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NABBA Barber School Association LAB — Class & Workshop Descriptions

Monday, September 19th — Barber Professionals

Barber Professionals – Option 1 $225*
Continuing Education
Concord A & B

8:00—8:45: LAB Registration Check-In


Heather Earlington
Haircoloring & Decolorization
Mon, Sept. 19, 9:00  – 11:30

Review basic color theory, terminology & definitions and the classification of products in preparation for hands-on practice in coloring and lightening application techniques.

Bring your tools! 

Color bottles, Color bowl & brush, All-purpose combs, Waterproof cape, Spray bottle, Hair Clips(4), Tail comb, Towels(2)

Alan Benson
Safeguarding You and Your Barber Shop Business
Mon, Sept. 19, 11:30  – 12:00

Learn ways to protect yourself and your business from both internal and external conditions or situations that can negatively impact your investment and opportunities for future success.

Jenny Torres
Reuzel ® Products, Programs and Demo
Mon, Sept. 19, 1:00  – 2:00

Learn all about North America’s #1 professional brand of men’s hair, skin, and shaving products that are “Created by Barbers, used by Gentlemen!” worldwide.

Leslie Roste
Be Healthy Program for Schools & Shops
Mon, Sept. 19, 2:00  – 3:00

Learn basic health indicators that every barber should know to protect clients and themselves in the workplace.

Cheryl Rosenblum
Hair Simulations – Alternative Hair Replacement
Mon, Sept. 19, 3:00  – 4:00

Learn how non-surgical micro-pigmentation techniques are used to simulate hair texture and growth or to cover scars and pigmentations. Learn where to train and how to provide these services in your shop or salon.

All Participants

Dr. Monica Parker
Community Outreach Through Barbershops & Schools
Mon, Sept. 19, 4:00  – 5:00

Emory University Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center is seeking to engage barbers in the dissemination of clinical research opportunities in their communities. Learn how to join the effort and to assist your clients in accessing local healthcare providers.

Barber Professionals – Option 2 $125*
Professional Development
Ambassador Room

8:00—8:45: LAB Registration Check-In

Business 101 for Barber Entrepreneurs
Mon, Sept. 19, 9:00  – 4:00

This class is a must for aspiring entrepreneurs! From legalities to real world applications, this covers what you need to know about…

  • Business Startup
  • Formalities & Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Risk Management Operations
  • Business Development

Roy Tunner
The Rouse Firm


Sam Glickman
Privado Consulting


*Early registration on or before August 20
After August 20: Option 1: $275 Option 2: $175